Wednesday, November 17, 2010

book review Hatteras Girl

Bethany House publishers sent be the book Hatteras Girl by Alice J. Wisler free of charge to review.

It is the fictional story of Jackie Donovan. A woman that prays for 2 things. A honest, wonderful man to marry and to own a bed and breakfast. Not just any bed and breakfast will do however. She has her heart set on The Bailey House. Jackie spent many childhood afternoons at the Bailey house.
When Jackie meets Davis Erickson, the man who owns the Bailey house, she thinks God has answered both of her prayers at once. Will she risk her dreams to discover the truth about Davis?

This book was a fairly easy read. It is written in the first person-which I didnt particulary care for. I did see the ending coming not very far into it but it was an enjoyable read even so.

I don't believe that I have read any books by this author before and will be seeing if my library has any of her other books.