Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Van!!

We did end up getting the van that I believe I mentioned in the previous post! So far we are pretty pleased with it! Jerry was out there this afternoon after eating trying to see if it had a remote control box on the bottom. How he went about that was by trying to program the remote from the car to the van... He found out that it does work and then decided to push each button to see them all work.. Lock, CHECK unlock, CHECK panic, Check..... Jerry gets out of the van to see if the trunk works.. He pushes button and hears a click.. But wait! Its not coming from the van...??? IT'S COMING FROM THE CAR!! WAIT A SECOND HERE! Come to find out that the programing programs the van to the remote.. not the remote to the van..... So now the remote opens both the car and the van... Side note.. I thought the horn sounded funny earlier and when he came in and told me that the remote operates both the car and the van it made sense. When you push the panic button it makes both horns go off!
End of story.. Now we have to work on selling the car. Too bad.. We really have liked it! It has been a good car for us. The van was definantly a blessing from the Lord.
God Bless

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby news!

We recently found out that I am expecting again! YAY! I figure my due date to be May 26th so that should put the new baby and A around 15 months apart.
We are pretty excited! Of course, This brings in the talks about buying a new vehicle... Our car has been a wonderful mode of transportation, however it only seats 5... It is already pretty full with 2 carseats so we are starting the search for a minivan. We think that we have found a used one that is in our price range. This week is pretty busy for us so I imagine that it wont be till next week that we get a chance to go and take a look at it and try a test drive.
Well.. I suppose I better go. Just thought I would give you some exciting baby news!!!!!
God Bless

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gardening fun

We got the rest of the garden planted today. The weather was beautiful with just a bit of wind. The other day when we started to get stuff planted J just HAD to get in on it. He saw Daddy take something out of the bucket and go bend down over the row, so off he went.. straight to the same bucket and stuck his little hand WAY down there. Out came his hand holding tightly to a bag of sweet corn seed. Off he toddles to where Daddy was planting beans. When he got there he squatted down beside Daddy so that he could see what was going on. I wish I had thought to get my camera. It was SO cute. Dirt on the face and hands, leaves stuck to his pants and coat from taking a tumble, bag of seed corn clutched in his little fist and squatting beside Daddy. Those boys looked like they were having a rather important discussion.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We just had some company this past weekend. It was pretty fun to watch J get used to, then play with one of his cousins. J is getting so big! The first half of the day J watched J from the safety of mommy's lap but finally decided that being within mommy's reach was good enough. By the end of the day he was handing toys to J to put into the toy schoolbus. You know the one. The old fisher-price little people bus with the driver's head that moves back and forth! This particular schoolbus was mine when I was little. I no longer have any of the people. :( I am going to have to keep my eye out for them at garage sales this spring. We also still have the little people barn that was my husbands when he was younger! There again, the people and a few of the animals are missing.
Now that I am on the topic of old toys and such... How many toys do kids really NEED!!?? I have a little basket beside the couch that has some toys in it and a few that sit beside it. Then there is the little hobby horse that Grandpa made J. (He really likes that! Even thought he can't use it correctly yet) I have been trying to weed through the toys every now and then and get rid of any that don't get played with. I am on the search for the "classic" toys that don't get outgrown.. I also LOVE the wooden toys. Let me know what your boys loved and hung onto!
Oh well... I should go. Enough of my rambling on. God Bless

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Introductions first

Hi! I am a stay-at-home wife to my husband and mommy to our 2 little blessings. My Husband is the Pastor of a church in a small town in rural Iowa. I Love where we are at, I am a country girl myself. Then again, so is my husband. The Lord has placed us where He wants us to be and has given us peace and a love for where we are.
Our 2 blessings are 15 months and 2 months old. Our oldest, J, has been so much fun to have around. He is still learning that "no" really does mean- "no" every time it is said- but he does a pretty good job most of the time at remembering. He can muster up the cutest faces so that it is hard to keep a strait face when he does something wrong.
Our youngest, A, was a whopping 10 lbs 11.6 oz at birth. I have had natural births with both my drugs while in labor.. and I must say that my second went easier, faster and all that goes with it than my first was. I did end up in surgery after my first because of a retained placenta but Praise the Lord this time there were no problems at all! He is such a cute little (or should I say BIG) guy and has in the last 2 weeks been smiling up at me even when he is just hanging out in my sling. He has been lots of fun too!
We cloth diaper our 2 and I am starting to think about going semi full time with it. Right now we use disposables whenever we are out of the home but since I have started to sew my own fitted diapers I have been taking them out with cloth on more. I went on a week trip with them recently and used my cloth while away from home on vacation for the first time!!! It went GREAT!!! Next time I don't think there will even be hesitation about using cloth while on vacation!
I better get. I was in the middle of a project before I took a quick break. Just a forwarning, I am a wife and Mommy first and will only post as I have time.
God Bless