Sunday, April 5, 2009

We just had some company this past weekend. It was pretty fun to watch J get used to, then play with one of his cousins. J is getting so big! The first half of the day J watched J from the safety of mommy's lap but finally decided that being within mommy's reach was good enough. By the end of the day he was handing toys to J to put into the toy schoolbus. You know the one. The old fisher-price little people bus with the driver's head that moves back and forth! This particular schoolbus was mine when I was little. I no longer have any of the people. :( I am going to have to keep my eye out for them at garage sales this spring. We also still have the little people barn that was my husbands when he was younger! There again, the people and a few of the animals are missing.
Now that I am on the topic of old toys and such... How many toys do kids really NEED!!?? I have a little basket beside the couch that has some toys in it and a few that sit beside it. Then there is the little hobby horse that Grandpa made J. (He really likes that! Even thought he can't use it correctly yet) I have been trying to weed through the toys every now and then and get rid of any that don't get played with. I am on the search for the "classic" toys that don't get outgrown.. I also LOVE the wooden toys. Let me know what your boys loved and hung onto!
Oh well... I should go. Enough of my rambling on. God Bless

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