Thursday, March 19, 2009

Introductions first

Hi! I am a stay-at-home wife to my husband and mommy to our 2 little blessings. My Husband is the Pastor of a church in a small town in rural Iowa. I Love where we are at, I am a country girl myself. Then again, so is my husband. The Lord has placed us where He wants us to be and has given us peace and a love for where we are.
Our 2 blessings are 15 months and 2 months old. Our oldest, J, has been so much fun to have around. He is still learning that "no" really does mean- "no" every time it is said- but he does a pretty good job most of the time at remembering. He can muster up the cutest faces so that it is hard to keep a strait face when he does something wrong.
Our youngest, A, was a whopping 10 lbs 11.6 oz at birth. I have had natural births with both my drugs while in labor.. and I must say that my second went easier, faster and all that goes with it than my first was. I did end up in surgery after my first because of a retained placenta but Praise the Lord this time there were no problems at all! He is such a cute little (or should I say BIG) guy and has in the last 2 weeks been smiling up at me even when he is just hanging out in my sling. He has been lots of fun too!
We cloth diaper our 2 and I am starting to think about going semi full time with it. Right now we use disposables whenever we are out of the home but since I have started to sew my own fitted diapers I have been taking them out with cloth on more. I went on a week trip with them recently and used my cloth while away from home on vacation for the first time!!! It went GREAT!!! Next time I don't think there will even be hesitation about using cloth while on vacation!
I better get. I was in the middle of a project before I took a quick break. Just a forwarning, I am a wife and Mommy first and will only post as I have time.
God Bless

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