Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sad, sick boys

Both of our boys have been fighting some type of bug lately. It started out with a full week of MAJOR blowout NASTY diapers. Bedding and toddler clothing laundry multiple times a day, (forget even thinking about doing Mommy and Daddys laundry) multiple loads of cloth diaper laundry, and even getting puked on once. Not fun! J had self potty trained but had to be put back into diapers for a while. The next week was a week full of coughs and runny noses. J spiked a fever on a Wednesday-Thursday. Thankfully it didn't get too high. A on the other hand.... He spiked a fever on Sunday afternoon. Sunday night it got high but we didn't get all that concerned about it. Monday however was a different story. He woke up with no fever but by lunchtime he had spiked again. We kept pushing liquids. He wasn't all that interested in food. Not to long later I decided to check his temp. It had started to creep past 102. In the end we think it stayed around the 103.5 range. We ended up giving him a tepid bath and then an oil rub to try to keep him hydrated and reduce the temp a bit. It worked for a while but then his body decided it wasn't done burning off whatever bug he had so the temp went back up. A lot of prayers went up that his body would fight off the bug and that the temp would come down. We kept an eye on him and by bedtime it seemed that the temp had leveled off. It was still high, but it wasn't acting like it wanted to shoot high again. We put the boys down to bed and I put some GOOT on their feet. When I went in to check on them when my husband and I went to bed his fever had gone down quite a bit. By morning he was back to normal. He ate a good breakfast, drank most of his water, played, napped, ate a good lunch and is back down to nap again. So far no fever! Thank you Lord! This Mommy was really praying that that was enough fever to get the job done. He is back to his cheerful self.
They still have the coughs but that is it.
In other news... I got caught back up on laundry (and I didnt have to do it all by hand!), the light in the back entry is working again, my bathroom is almost ready for the final coat of paint (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I got some chicken stock made yesterday and today, and the snow is melting! A lot of blessings if you ask me. I bet I could come up with a whole lot more too! Thank you Lord
God Bless!

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